Implementing the Child over 3 years old is free promotion step

Creating the rule

Create a new Guided Rule that you call YougestUnder3yearsOldFree

then Add a new Constraint

Select the List class. Click on the "There is a list.." and the click on the Expression Builder button

on the first "Choose" select the size() function and on the second "greater than"

Then click on the "All Person with" link and select the age attribute and add the following constraint.

Then Add a new constraint of type Accumulate

And select the Number type from the add a pattern link.

Then make the rule look like this

Creating rule to insert a period

Create a drl file with the following content

Creating rule to start a process

To be able to start a process from a test scenario, we want to insert an object and set a attribute that would be the process id we want to start. So we first create a new Item of type Data Obkect that we shall call StartProcess. And we should add a field called procesId of type String

Testing the rule

Create the test scenario by inserting Objects like follows.

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